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This  Retractable Travel Stool is the perfect companion for hunters, fishermen, and campers who needs a light-weight yet comfortable option for their resting needs.

Perfect for people of all sizes,This  Retractable Travel Stool can withstand up to 260 lbs of weight on it, making it one of the sturdiest portable chairs around.

Stop worrying and Start adventuring, You will always have a place to rest with this Retractable Travel Stool.

The unique stool fully extends up to 18.1 inches tall, and retracts to a compact size of just 2.5 inches thick. It even comes equipped with a hand and shoulder strap so you can carry it with you anywhere with ease.

This is also a great stool to keep around a home or camper that is short on space. Tuck this small, compact stool away and when you have guests you can bring it out and multiply your seating. Another great use would be to keep a few of these stools in your car for use at sporting events, or tailgating.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Nylon strap
  • Folds for storage and transport
  • Plastic construction


When not in use, these stools are a mere 2.5 inches thick and 9.8 inches in diameter. At this size they can be stored under sofas and beds, in a cabinet, in ottomans, or tucked in small cubbies.

When you fully extend the stool out to its maximum height, it'll measures 18.1 inches tall, though you can set it at any level between their for the perfect height for you. This ability to adjust the height makes it a great stool for both children and adults. The seat is 9.8 inches wide which should accommodate most bums.


The stool is 2.7 pounds making it easy to carry along with you on whatever trek you may be on. It comes equipped with both a hand and shoulder strap to make towing it along super easy. Use the Velcro catch to wrap it around the outside of your pack so you don't even have to have it on you when not in use.